Union S.r.l. was founded by the Casulli family in 1986. The story of the company’s success started with clothing production but, nowadays, Union S.r.l. operates in two more sectors: transport and agri-food.

The company has developed five different strategic business areas. The first and most important area is the garment manufacturing for third parties. Thanks to superior know-how and highly skilled personnel, Union S.r.l. is engaged in the production of seasonal collections for important and prestigious fashion brands.

The experience acquired over many years in the fashion industry has led to the creation of the brand Casulli: an original and unique total look line designed for dynamic and successful women.

In order to maximize efficiency and to reduce the risks associated with the transport of clothing items, the company has created a new division that deals with national and international transports, by providing a professional and meticulous service.

Besides apparel manufacturing, the other important family business is agri-food. The centuries-old family tradition in the agricultural sector and  the love of the land favoured  the production of excellent wines under own label Tenuta Maranna, which is named after the family manor. The estate, situated in the area between Alberobello and Valle d’Itria and surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards, offers only selected, top-quality white and red wines.

The brand “Nonna Mariangela” is the result of the passion for the Apulian tradition. Nonna Mariangela proposes regional specialties that have the flavour of times gone by. Traditionally made taralli , artisanal pasta and frozen meals such as orecchiette with turnip tops, mussels with rice and potatoes are only some of our delicacies.

Union S.r.l. aims at achieving excellence by providing top-quality products and efficient services. Our success is based on a careful selection of healthy raw materials and on love and respect for Puglia.